Nutreatious was started with three beliefs.  The first, that food is delicious in a simple, fresh state. The second, food that is good for you can also taste amazing. And the third, every body is different. Our team of chefs work every day to fulfill these three beliefs. 

Everything we make is tailored 100% to you.  If you don't like red bell peppers- you won't see them! Have an allergy to tree nuts and gluten- no problem! Have a teenager that is eating your entire kitchen- we can make lots of portions! We send out unique menu ideas that we think that you will love and is tailored to YOU. 

How the service works:

1) We ask you some questions about your food preferences, allergies, health goals, likes and dislikes.

2) We match you with a chef!

3) We send you menu ideas each week for you to choose from.

4) We grocery shop and cook the menu items you choose in your home.

5) We clean up your kitchen, email you reheating instructions and leave everything labeled and ready in the refrigerator.